The d&a Corporate department advises French and foreign companies in structuring and implementing strategic and complex projects, particularly in the field of blockchain and Web3.

d&a partners has developed a leading expertise in the structuring of projects led by tech companies operating in a highly regulated environment.

The Corporate department’s lawyers are regularly involved in venture capital transactions, in equity, token, or hybrid transactional contexts, often combining several of these instruments, via SAFEs (BSA-AIR), Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFTs), or token warrants.

The firm is also specialised in the structuring of non-regulated investment vehicles, such as “Other FIAs” (Autres FIAs), which intersects both corporate and investment fund law.

d&a partners is highly experienced in all aspects of these operations: drafting and negotiating of term sheets, investments protocols, shareholders’ agreements, and issuance of complex securities (share warrants, SAFEs, BSA ratchet, convertible bonds, etc).                                                                                            

Similarly, the Corporate department is regularly involved in structuring management and employee profit-sharing schemes (AGA, BSPCE, BSA) or in advising said schemes in setting up token-based profit sharing schemes.

In addition, the Corporate department has a proven track record of success in mergers and acquisitions, assisting families, founders, managers and investors in the implementation of legal audits and the drafting and negotiation of all accompanying acquisition documents.

For companies experiencing difficulties in their restructuring efforts, our lawyers are there to assist them in implementing preventive procedures be they ad hoc mandate or conciliation, or collective procedures such as safeguard, recovery or liquidation.

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Corporate/ Structuring

d&a partners is regularly called upon to advise in the structuring of tech projects evolving in a highly-regulated environment.

The Corporate department’s lawyers have a wealth of experience and expertise in corporate law, capital markets, financial, investment funds and digital assets regulations. This allows them to provide their clients with tailor-made support, and thus help them make their concepts into reality.
d&a partners proposes highly innovative solutions to issues of French law, ranging from areas such as security token offerings, real estate tokens (ETFs), mobile applications offering neo-banking type services, crypto-asset portfolio management, decentralized crypto-asset exchange or platforms lending (DEX), ICO launchpad platforms, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), decentralized investment vehicles, virtual land sales in metaverses, and unregulated crypto-asset investment funds (Other AIF), etc.

These missions are carried out in collaboration with the firm’s other departments, especially with respect to obtaining registrations, licenses, or drawing up terms and conditions of use and sale.

Venture capital

d&a partners has successfully supported a number of venture capital operations, both for founders and investors, in various forms such as BSA Air, issuance of ordinary or preferred shares, of simple or convertible bonds, of existing or future tokens in the context of a private or public sale, or even hybrid operations combining all or part of these instruments.

The firm’s Corporate department has also been involved in public offerings of financial securities, either as private placements or for deals under the €8 million threshold set by the AMF and the filing of the accompanying summary information documentation with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF).

Our department is a pioneer in structuring and executing innovative fundraising transactions. These transactions involve crypto-assets, such as BSA Air subscribed in stablecoins, share issues with attached token warrants, and Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT).

In this regard, d&a partners is one of the few firms to have participated actively in fundraising operations conducted by decentralized finance protocols with leading investment funds.

The firm aims to be part of the conception of new standards for this emerging industry of venture capital in the world of blockchain (VC blockchain).

Mergers & Acquisitions

d&a partners brings together lawyers from the largest international business law firms in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

The Corporate department thus provides unrivalled expertise and rigor to tech companies, both on the seller’s and buyer’s side, through all stages of the sales process.

d&a partners carries out and organizes legal audits, drafts and negotiates all documents necessary for the acquisition of operations:term sheets, transfer contracts, partnership agreements, sale or purchase agreements, transitional service contracts, etc.

Our expertise is of particular pertinence for companies operating in highly regulated areas. In such cases, the Corporate department works hand in hand with the Regulatory department to ensure that the registrations and approvals related to the transaction are maintained.

Finally, d&a partners has had the opportunity to assist companies issuing tokens or entities developing blockchain protocols in singular transactions involving new issues.

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