The Litigation department of d&a partners has leading experience in handling complex commercial litigation, particularly in connection with the issuance or management of cryptoassets.

With a firm command of civil and commercial procedure, combined with an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and its applications, the firm is well equipped to represent its clients in French courts.

The firm has a proven track record in successfully conducting negotiations, mediation and pre-litigation procedures, as well as in managing mass litigation (on the issuer’s and/or on the investor’s behalf) in often media-sensitive contexts. Moreover, we assist clients in investigation procedures initiated by the French financial markets authority (AMF).

With a strong background in corporate law and digital assets, the firm’s Litigation team handles disputes related to mergers and acquisitions or post-acquisition transactions. Commercial law, breach of contract, termination of commercial relations and unfair competition are also recurrent matters dealt with by the firm.

The Litigation department of d&a partners assists its clients in drafting strategic contracts, especially for centralized as well as decentralized platforms, and regularly handles personal data issues (GDPR) within the framework of the implementation of compliance roadmaps, the drafting of privacy policies and the auditing of cookie banners.

Ranked as Highly Recommended – Blockchain – Leaders Leagues 

Pre-litigation strategies

Management and gathering of evidence

Negotiation of transactions

Crypto litigation

Shareholder disputes

Conflicts related to business confidentiality

Commercial litigation

Cross-border litigation

Acquisition Litigation

Mass litigation and Class actions

IP/IT litigation and IT contracts

Pre-litigation strategy
and crisis management

d&a partners regularly assists managers, creditors or investors in crisis situations, in implementing action plans for often sensitive and highly publicized contexts.

The firm is highly competent in issues relating to protection of reputation, managing group actions, anticipating and collecting evidence, and monitoring of said cases closely and diligently.

These situations call for tailor-made solutions, responsiveness and availability, which the partners place at the heart of their approach to resolving existing or future disputes.
d&a partners is regularly involved in transactional negotiations, mediation and/or conciliation and in the management of conflicts related to business confidentiality.

Complex digital
asset litigation

Our highly diverse litigation practice covers both civil and commercial litigation, predominantly in activities involving digital assets.

In this field, d&a partners combines an authoritative command of civil procedure, enforcement, corporate and digital law with an in-depth, exceptional knowledge of blockchain and its various applications. This rare synergy allows d&a partners to adopt innovative and adapted strategies to best represent their clients’ interests.

The Litigation department takes a holistic approach, involving many services, including but not limited to: litigation arising from performing commercial contracts, IT contracts, disputes between agencies and influencers, conflicts between shareholders or which give rise to a risk of personal liability for the director, unfair competition, advertising operations, issues relating to “sudden termination” or “significant imbalance”, etc., those relating to digital asset management, ICO or PSAN communication, NFT sale litigation and finally, mass investment litigation (through traditional or crypto-asset vehicles).

The firm also defends its clients facing legal challenges abroad and has developed a series of partnerships with prestigious independent law firms across Europe and the United States.

Platform contracts and
terms and conditions

d&a partners’ Litigation department assists clients in the drafting of strategic contracts.

In particular, d&a partners is renowned for its cutting-edge legal practice in relation to digital assets and its comprehension of consumer and private international law.

Our knowledge of clients’ operational aspects and of the tools used, as well being up-to-date in this novel legal issues, mains that we can offer you solutions to the minimise contractual or contentious risks and the deploy technological solutions under optimal conditions.

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