Matthieu Quiniou


  • Office : Paris
Matthieu Quiniou

Matthieu Quiniou provides legal guidance to technology companies on intellectual property and digital law issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Matthieu supports AI model and system providers, AI system suppliers, service companies incorporating AI into their offerings, or production studios using AI in their creative processes. In this role, he conducts audits on training databases from the perspectives of personal data and works protected by copyright, considering uses (high-risk systems, general-purpose AI, systemic risk, deepfakes, biometric data) and dependence on models or databases established by third parties. He also drafts T&Cs, SaaS agreements, and license agreements tailored to AI-related challenges.

Matthieu is an AI expert at the CEPEJ of the Council of Europe. He has authored several international reports on the matter and has been the coordinator of the CEPEJ’s Advisory Office on AI since 2023, and a member of the AFNOR and CEN-CENELEC AI standardization committees. In this capacity, he has developed unique skills in producing codes of conduct, ethical charters, technical and legal audits, and compliance for AI systems.

Additionally, Matthieu assists many clients in deploying projects related to NFTs in the fields of communication, video games, metaverse, art, luxury, and hospitality, by drafting NFT sales contracts, licenses, co-production agreements, contest rules, social media community management contracts (Discord, Twitter, etc.), and portfolio co-management contracts.

Matthieu also supports projects related to decentralized identity (eIDAS 2 Regulation) or traceability and digital product passports (Eco-design Regulation). Furthermore, Matthieu is a Lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences, co-director of the Digital Transitions Master’s program at Université Paris 8, and co-holder of the UNESCO ITEN Chair.

He regularly participates in training sessions and conferences organized by the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the Ministry of Justice, the Academy of European Law (ERA), the National Judges School (ENM), the Bar School (EFB), authors’ societies (ADAGP), and various universities in France and abroad. He is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Art&Droit Institute and vice-president of the Franco-Chinese Association for Economic Law of the Paris Bar.

Matthieu is also involved in technical standardization work as President of the Metaverse Standardization Committee (CN) at AFNOR and a member of the CN AI, blockchain, and DPP.

Matthieu has authored several books and articles, including:

  • Digital Finance (with Ghislaine Bouillet Cordonnier, Jean-Marc Moulin, and Axel Gasser), EFE/Albiways, 2021.
  • Blockchain: The Advent of Disintermediation, Wiley 2019.
  • Blockchain Glossary (with Christophe Debonneuil), UNESCO, 2019.
  • Blockchain for Compliance, pp 241-248, in Matthieu Quiniou, David Richard et al. (pref. Jacques Mestre), Changes in Rights II – Joint Work of Doctors of Law, Editions de l’Immatériel, 2019.
  • Investing and Financing with Blockchain, ENI, 2018.


  • AI support (database and model audits, ethical charters, licenses, SaaS contracts, partnership and consortium agreements)
  • Support for NFT, video game, and metaverse projects
  • Intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret)
  • IP/IT contracts (General Conditions of Sale, SaaS contracts, IT contracts, licenses, co-production agreements…)
  • Personal data (DPA, deepfakes, image and voice rights, decentralized identity, biometric data, ZKP, and homomorphic encryption)
  • Domain names and web3 names (.eth…)
  • Legal and technical audits for AI, blockchain, and Digital Product Passport (DPP)
  • Game rules, online betting law, and JONUM
  • Complex Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)


  • French (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • German (beginner)
  • Chinese (beginner)
  • Programming languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby/Rails, and basics in Solidity)


  • PhD in Law, University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, summa cum laude(2010-2015)
  • LLM, Renmin University of China (Beijing) (2010)
  • Master II in Business Law (economic globalization) – Sciences Po Paris and University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2010)
  • Cornell Law School, Summer School (2009)



Other Certifications:

  • AMF Certification (2018)
  • Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession (CAPA) (2017)